Thursday, October 26, 2006

Customer Dis-service

This morning one of my tires was very low and 2 others were low so I went to a local "place" to get air. I put my money in and put air in the lowest tire. Then I moved to tire #2. At tire #3, the pump stopped pumping air. As I can usually do all 4 tires I was puzzled but put more money in and tried luck - all it did was allow air to escape.

I went to the worker pumping gas who came over, tried putting in more money and then gave the machine a swift kick...It worked. He went to a tire and the gauge said it had 60 pounds in it - I said the gauge was wrong, look at the tire. Nope - he kept allowing air to escape....I finally said stop and by now the tire was almost what did he do? He threw the air hose down and said - I have customers to wait on and walked away. I said what the f*** do you think I am? So now I had two very very very low tires.

Luckily there was an air hose at a nearby other "place" [which, by the way, now charges $.75 for air] and I got air in the two very very low tires....never again will I go to "place" #1 or even #2. I'll go to Les Schwab - even tho they are not that near me - there they actually understand customer service! Fie on the other "places!"

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