Saturday, February 24, 2007

Geese dogs and cats

A while back there was an article in the paper about people "naming" wild critters...the reporter did not think it a good thing if I recall... But here in Bridgeton, we name our critters and we watch our for them - they are frequent topics of discussion.

Life on the water means you get to know ALL the life that surrounds you - not just the people and the pets...but the geese, ducks, beavers, otters, nutria, and all sorts of other water "things" that I do not know the names of.

Our local goose, whom we in our moorage call Gus, comes by daily now. He knows where I keep the dog food and walks over to that storage shed while loudly honking at me. He knocks on my door when I do not go out. He's very brazen [to be anthropomorphic about it ] - and fears not I, my dog or my cat - and my dog is a Malamute.

Today my dog, cat and the goose were all walking around each other, each making it's own was hilarious but by the time I went for my camera - they stopped and the goose jumped into the river..before that, my cat and the goose were about 6 inches apart at which point, the goose hissed and the cat ran..

So we will continue to name our local critters and keep a watch for them when they come back with the babies...

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