Saturday, July 19, 2008

To all boaters - know your buoys

We hope you enjoy the Columbia River as much as we do...and I have been asked to post a reminder about buoys and what they mean.

1 - keep green buoys and day beacons on the right when going to the sea (down river).

2- keep red buoys on the right when returning from the ocean [RRR = red right returning is a good way to remember]

At this time the submerged pilings are not visible as the river is still running higher than normal and boats are hitting the pilings, being badly damaged and having to be towed off the pilings.

Just today one neighbor sent this around:

This sailboat captain was obviously ignorant of RRR. He ran aground on the north side of the green day beacon in front of my house. I looked out the window this morning and in attendance were boats from Vessel Assist, the Sheriffs Patrol, and the Fire Bureau.

photo by B. Stipak

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