Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ouch - Long TIme No Blog Here

December has been "that" kind of started off fine then went downhill - as in sledding or skiing or burst piping or shoveling or whatever ing you have been doing.

I moved from the north east so as to not have snow under my feet for months on end. Had not shoveled feets of snow since the winter of 2002/2003 and the feets we got that year drove me nuts!

Fast forward to winter 2008 in Bridgeton floating homes! Arctic winds, frozen pipes, burst pipes, listing houses, slippery decks, icy ramps, and all those lemons of life. So what do Bridgetonites do with a ton of lemons? We make pot luck meals - sharing the foods we have in houses that have water and heat.

We do pot luck meals well around here - and this winter proved how versatile we can be with
the foods we have in our houses......

We all agreed that Bridgeton is a great neighborhood filled with giving people. When the main water line went in my moorage one neighbor volunteered we could all shower and get water at that home....but within hours our line was fixed.....

And maybe it will soon be nice weather and I can get my water lines fully functioning again?

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