Sunday, March 29, 2009

Minutes From March 19th Neighborhood Meeting

Bridgeton Neighborhood Association

Business Meeting Minutes from 19 Mar 09

Leslie opened the meeting and the first order of business was the Spring Cleanup on Saturday, April 25th. Volunteers are needed and volunteers are covered by an insurance policy from the City of Portland Neighborhood Rob Salt cleaned up around Marine Drive at Gantenbein but it needs more work.

Signs will go up to remind folks to prepare to rid their places of junk. Drop boxes arrive at 8:00 Am and need to be out by 4:00 PM. Tires are OK. Appliances are set aside for the re-cycle truck. No hazardous materials will be accepted. Two shredder bins will be at Channels Edge to help prevent identity theft.

Tree watering will get started once the rains stop. Trees require 5 gallons of water each week, more during a hot spell. Ideas for watering include volunteers to Adopt-a-Tree; install drip irrigation that does not interfere with mowers; install tree bags; use a pickup truck loaded with 5-gal buckets of water to drive to each tree; and hire it done by an outside party, which will cut into the tree planting money.

There are many rocks around the trees that will interfere with mowing. A rock picking party needs to be arranged. Rich will work with PPS to install a sub-meter for the irrigation water used from a school hose bib. Matt, Becky, Chuck and Elizabeth are among those who would adopt-a-tree.

Police Officer Christina Hansen, badge #47651, introduced herself to BNA. Contact Christina by calling North Precinct at 503-823-2120 and they will forward the call. A previous officer used email from the police car and that suggestion was passed along to Christina.

Christina will work to secure a trespassing agreement with owners that once posted will provide an avenue for people who sleep in their cars. She suggested that it is city police jurisdiction if you are hooked up to city water and sewer. Christina spoke to the issue of thefts from boats. She reminds us that the Multnomah County Sheriff covers boats on the water. Also, regardless of past practice, you are not allowed to shoot someone for stealing your boat motor.

Police Officer Steve Jacquot introduced himself. Steve works Tue – Fri from 7 AM to 5 PM. He reminds residents to always report break-ins. This helps to ensure that resources are available for BNA.

Leslie spoke about the landscaping plan. Matt explained the plan for the east end of Bridgeton at Marine Dr. Dan voiced concerns about the former site of the old cottonwood tree as it relates to the parking needs of his moorage.

Motion was made and Passed to try to transfer ownership of strips along Marine Dr at east and west side of Gantenbein Ave to Metro. This is intended to minimize the potential for development.

Discussion ensued to change the BNA Meeting night due to conflict for a number of BNA Board Members who participate in Dragon Boat Racing.

The BNA Minutes were taken by Ann and typed up by Rich.

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