Sunday, October 18, 2009

Recent Crime

Bridgeton is being hit by one or more people who are gaining entry to cars and taking things of value. The cars do not show signs of forced entry but are frequently left with doors ajar and things of value taken. This appears to be happening after dark and possibly early in the morning. The thief does not snatch things and run. He takes the time to get into trunks and leaves items he does not want. He also goes from car to car in an area.
There were break-ins on Tuesday night, Thursday night, and Saturday night. There might be more that no one has mentioned. If anyone who had had their car rifled through to report it to the non emergency number (503-823-3333).

We will never get police coverage if we do not let them know we need it.
In addition, one resident had cut up his old credit card and put the pieces into two separate garbage bags. He discarded them into a dumpster. Shortly after that, he was notified of a check being issued on his account from London. Be careful to shred all financial documents.

Take your documents to Channel's Edge during the fall clean up on November 7th.
And watch for unusual activity on the street - call 911 if you see anything amiss.

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