Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BNA: Minutes from November 9

9 Nov 2009

BNA general meeting with 22 attendees

Leslie opened the meeting at 7:00 PM at the school. She introduced North precinct officer Jack Gillentine, phone 503-823-0743, email: wgillentine@portlandpolice.org. Officer Jack reported that Bridgeton is a really safe neighborhood that does not require much attention. In order to decrease the likeliness of car prowls, he recommended that nothing be left visible in our cars and that we install a club on the steering wheel. Please inform officer Jack of abandoned autos and be sure to report all car prowls.

Next speaker was PDC Senior Project Manager, Kevin Cronin, phone 503-823-3305, email cronin@pdc.us

. Kevin, with some details provided by Walter Valenta, explained that the Bridgeton Trail was still in concept planning. Next steps are developing funding strategies to pay for the $7.2M project. Potential funding partners include grants from PDC, use of SDC charges from Bureau of Parks, federal earmarks, and Drainage District #2. Narrowing the scope to lower costs, acquiring easements, and determining CRC involvement were discussed. The design refinement phase is due to begin during Spring of 2010. If the hurdles are cleared, construction could begin in 2012. Before monies are approved for the next streetcar project, funding for Bridgeton trail and streetscape plan are expected to be approved.

Third on the agenda was a report on CRC from Carley Francis and Lead Roadway Engineer Casey Liles. They provided handouts that explained access improvements. Much of the discussion involved Marine Drive, MLK, and Vancouver Way inter-ties. Look for recommendations after the Dec 4th meeting of CRC advisory panel. BNA attendees voted to support concept “A”.

Next up was Dan Riedl of Dan’s Moorage, phone 503-341-8371. When the giant cottonwood tree was removed from the corner of Gantenbein and Bridgeton, parking for Dan’s moorage was drastically affected. Dan presented an architect’s design of the parking area. The re-designed “entrance to Bridgeton” would include removal of the guard-rail, relocation of mail boxes, carving out 8 parking spaces, construction of a gazebo, cover for the garbage cans, and a South Channel overlook. BNA attendees were supportive of the design.

The final presenter was Barry Manning from City of Portland Planning and Sustainability. He spoke about the Portland Plan, now under development, and implementation late in 2010. The first of six workshops begin Nov 17th at Beaumont Middle School. If you want your voice heard on the future of Portland, then please attend a workshop.

Leslie closed the meeting after asking all Bridgton property owners to complete Pen 2 proxy forms and get them to Leslie, Walter, or Kim at Channel’s Edge. BNA still has trees to be planted, sidewalks to be built, garbage cans to be covered, paths to be created, and all of this needs our participation.

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