Friday, January 29, 2010

BNA Minutes Meeting of 10 Jan 2010

Leslie opened the meeting at 7:00 PM at the school.

First introduced was our own local Neighborhood Response Officer Jack Gillentine who introduced Steven Dangler of Multnomah County Sheriff’s patrol. Steve gave us an update on “Larry” who formerly resided in a small boat anchored at the east end of the channel. Larry is now living on a 36’ Chris Craft at Harbor 1. He’s safe, is receiving food stamps, but has refused housing on land. Let’s hope he stays safely docked at McCuddy’s.

On the subject of speeding boats and wakes in the channel, Deputy Steve reminded us that transgressors are often our neighbors. That is folks who, when asked if speeding boats at their end of the channel are a problem reply “oh, yes” but when asked if speeding boats are a problem at the opposite end of the marina reply “no, not really.” Photos of speeders with ORS numbers and faces are greatly appreciated and will result in a knock on the transgressors door or a letter. Sheriff Patrol craft are working 7-5 during the year except summer when 7 AM to midnight are the hours. Of course, the area patrolled is Milwaukie to The Dalles .

Recently, a new sailboat owner took his boat upriver before sticking it on a sandbar at Reed Island . Writing “he hit some bad weather“ is an understatement. His Tuesday call to 911 garnered no response until Wednesday. Finally, Deputy Steve, acting as rescue swimmer, swam 600 yds and hiked 600 yards to retrieve the stranded boater who was cold but OK.

The new Commander of the Sheriff’s Patrol is Larry Smith. He replaced Mike who became Capt. at Inverness Jail.

Next up were folk from Portland Bureau of Development Services speaking about plans for the West end of Hayden Island : Rachel Hay at 503-823-9715 and Phillip Nameny at 503-823-7709. An intergovernmental agreement gives Portland a role in development. Look for a published report in May 2010. They will be at our March meeting to go over some of the possible uses.

CNAC reported that noise impacts from the airport are under review. The Port has online flight tracking and willingly takes reports from citizens on unusual traffic. According to Maryhelen Kinkade, noise and air monitoring take place constantly. Changes have resulted from noise monitoring. For instance, 747’s no longer use PDX due to FAA noise parameters. The FAA has noise and route powers. The Port is engaged to reduce noise at the airport. The former policy may have been lip service but the current policy is real, even palpable. When talking to Port officials, words to use include “mitigation” and “enhancement.”

Matt and Walter reminded us that CRC continues to move forward. Walter works with local agencies including PIR, PDX, BNA, MCDD#2, and Metro. Imagine Safeway gone, a Wal-Mart at Hayden Meadows, and a convoluted route for access to I-5. Does BNA have a cohesive strategy? Will the slough bridge stay in the plan? Be aware! Be educated! Be ready to act and vote!

Next month we’ll discuss the Spring clean-up dates. Money for dumpsters from Metro is being limited and much more controlled. See you at the BNA February meeting.

Rich Brown

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