Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bridgeton Meeting

March Meeting

Monday, March 8, 2010

7 PM @ Columbia Pioneer School

716 N. Marine Dr., Portland, OR


What will happen to the Marine Drive interchanges and access to Hayden Island?

CRC Representatives will present the most current plans for our access to/from MLK, Marine Drive West, I-5, Hayden Island, and Delta Park if the bridge is built. Right now those things do not look favorable for our ability to go anywhere as easily as we do now. This may be the time to start communicating our dissatisfaction with the CRC plans to City Council, Metro, PBOT, ODOT and all other members of the Project Sponsors Council.

For your information

Spring Clean Up is scheduled for April 10th from 8 am until Noon.

The Bureau for Planning and Sustainability wants our thoughts on plans for West HaydenIsland.

A group is planning to have a program called Fuel Pdx on Fire in September at PIR.

Pen2 wants the neighborhood to tell them what we think of their plans to cut down the large Magnolia at the school and to use our mitigation funds to extend the berm at the school into the parking lot.

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