Monday, January 31, 2011

From Earl Blumenauer

This is from our Federal Rep.....

Dear Neighbor,

This morning I attended two events directly tied to job creation in our community.

Thanks to $50 million in rail upgrades to the Rivergate industrial district in North Portland, goods can now be moved more quickly and safely. A more efficient rail system that eliminates delays and bottlenecks is creating expanded opportunities for exports, greater resources for manufacturing, and, of course, new jobs for the region. These upgrades were helped in part by funding from the last Transportation Reauthorization Bill. Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway were also both on hand to be recognized for their critical investments to these projects. When the private sector and government work together, the result is more jobs and economic vitality for Oregon.

Next, I toured the MEMC manufacturing facility. This company, which manufactures parts for solar technology, moved to Portland in 2007 and has created approximately 120 new jobs at various skill levels thanks in part to the renewable energy manufacturing tax credits in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The success of this business is not only a victory for local jobs and manufacturing, but integral in a clean energy future.

After two weeks in Washington D.C. listening to the Republican leadership speak at length about the need to create jobs and strengthen the economy, we've yet to have a single vote toward achieving these goals. It is refreshing to return home to see projects actually moving forward thanks to the work that has been done in Congress. I look forward to spending the rest of this week meeting with small business and community leaders about where our efforts have been successful and what improvements can be made on the federal level.


Earl Blumenauer
Member of Congress

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