Friday, September 02, 2011

It's "spray the levee" time again!

If you looked in the BNA boxes on the road you might have seen the flyers that were left by the Drainage District - but if I had not been alerted - I would not even have looked!

So I am alerting the readers of this blog!

The Drainage District has contracted with C&R Reforestation to cut and treat the levee. The cutting was done back in July and it's now time to apply the herbicide.

The spraying is to happen on or around September 12th and notifications signs are to be posted 48 hours before the spraying and removed 48 hours after the spraying. If you remember from last year, the signs were rather small and just stuck in the ground on the levee side of the street.

And, personally, I believe it is safer to keep your pets away from that side of the Street for the 48 hours post spraying.

[Supposedly the info about the Garlon is on the MCDD website [] under "hot topics" but I could not find it - maybe it's just not there yet.]

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