Friday, April 13, 2012

Speed Reader Boards Coming to Marine Drive

The City will be installing Speed Reader Boards on Marine Drive in the very near future.  (Below is an example of a speed reader board.)
We have purchased 3 solar retrofit kits as well as identified locations with existing power to begin the process of implementing Speed Read Boards along Marine Drive.  We plan to begin installation of the 3 solar powered boards on Friday, April 13th.  You will see these three (3) boards at the following locations:
  • Eastbound at 13th Avenue
  • Westbound in the 1900 Block
  • Westbound at 138th Avenue
Additionally, our plan calls for four more boards that are hard-wired and will be installed soon after the installation of the solar units.  These installations will require bringing wire from an existing power source with the wiring process expected to take some time to complete.  Our expectation is have to these additional boards up and operational by summer.  The locations for these four (4) units are:
  • Two (2 ) near the ‘42nd Avenue’ crossing 
  • Two (2) near the 112th Avenue crossing
Our intent is to leave all seven (7) boards in operation for several months and evaluate how they effect speeds on Marine Drive.  Depending on their effectiveness, we may choose to leave some of the boards in place for an extended period of time. 
Staff is continuing to evaluate other treatments for Marine Drive with plans to bring recommendations back to the neighborhood for review in the fall.
If you have any questions about the speed reader boards or the High Crash Corridor Project, please contact Wendy Cawley, 503-823-4396,

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