Thursday, June 07, 2012

Bridgeton Property Owners: Special Meeting

Special June Meeting

Monday, June 11

7 PM @ Columbia Pioneer School

716 N. Marine Dr., Portland, OR


Must Attend Meeting for Bridgeton Property Owners!


Our Chance to Obtain a Flood Zone Waiver for Bridgeton Rd.


The Possibility of Obtaining a Waiver for the Flood Zone on Bridgeton Road

This is a must attend meeting for everyone who owns property on Bridgeton Road and the levee to the west.

We need to quickly respond to this opportunity to get a change.

This is a neighborhood issue! If we don’t get the Flood Zone removed from as many properties as we can, OUR NEIGHBORHOOD WILL LOSE VALUE!

By working together as a neighborhood to efficiently gain a waiver from new FEMA flood hazard regulations we can save money and your time, while enhancing property values, maintaining renovation flexibility, and preserve the unique character of the Bridgeton Neighborhood.
This meeting is focusing on getting everyone who owns property on the levee together to discuss what they each need to do to move forward.

Please invite everyone in the neighborhood and especially those who own property on the levee to help gather information and form a plan of action.

If you have questions or comments, please send an e-mail to

Leslie Sawyer,
Matt Whitney,
Co-Chairs, Bridgeton Neighborhood Association

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