Tuesday, November 27, 2012

West Hayden Island [WHI] Annexation

TONIGHT!! November 27

You have seen in the news that Mayor Adams has made it his mission to get City Council approval of annexation of WHI to allow for Port development before the current Council ends.  While there is discussion on the merits of development, there is general agreement that this rush to rule and disregard for the process and the parties involved is wrong.
The Audubon Society has requested that you speak out at the hearing tonight in opposition to development and opposition to the process.  This hearing may decide the future of North Portland and we are grateful for the position made by the North Portland Chairs Network and any position you as individual chairs or Neighborhood Associations can take.

Information about the hearing  http://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/article/421871

Audubon advice and suggestions on testimony and emails to officials  http://audubonportland.org/issues/metro/rivers/hayden/west

This project will have irreparable damage to our environment our community, has been proven by the studies conducted to be economically nonviable and destructive to the community health and violates our principals of openness and fairness in governing.  Please voice your position at this critical time.

Best wishes,

Ron Schmidt
Chair HINooN
Hayden Island Neighborhood Network
2209 N Schofield - Office
1983 N Jantzen Avenue - Home
Portland OR  97217
503-539-6817 Cell/Text
503-895-9127 Home

For those who do not know what it looks like - here is a post from when I kayaked around the island
[click on kayaked]


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