Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Good points from an anonymous neighbor

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous just asked me why meetings of the Board and meetings about the tree issue were kept "secret?"

Little or no notice has been given for Board meetings although this blogger has been more than willing to post such notices. Of late, notices are sent only to the North Portland neighborhood office for someone there to post on the city website.

The anonymous person I communicated with looked all over that site and found no mention of tonight's meeting and raised the question that since there is an email list of most of the neighbors - why is that list not being used to let neighbors know about meetings? And that person answered their own question with: "I guess they are trying to keep them secret. Why on earth should we have to check the city website on a regular basis to find out what is going on in our own neighborhood?"

This person went on to suggest that any association that makes decisions for a larger group of people and fails to communicate to those people about those decisions in a timely fashion [or even ask for input from the larger group] is not acting on any one's behalf except their own...and then to ask others to pay for the repercussions of those decisions - well - that left this person a wee bit angry!

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Anonymous said...

I am not happy that the board meetings are secret either. The board should stop keeping them a secret or "WE" will not be happy.

How about it board? PUBLICIZE THE MEETINGS!!!