Friday, November 09, 2007

Poisoning of beavers and "spraying" of the levee

This letter was sent today to the Multnomah County Drainage district and our state rep Tina Kotek - via email. I will post a reply when I receive one.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Mr. Bob Eaton, Executive Director
Mr. Dave Hendricks, Deputy Director

Multnomah County Drainage District

Dear Mr. Eaton and Mr. Hendricks:

I am a Bridgeton resident. In October of this year a neighbor told me that your office poisoned the beavers in the Columbia River along the levees, including Bridgeton levee, and also sprayed “something” on the levee to curtail vegetative growth.

I find this worrisome and have a few questions:

1 – Did you poison the beavers?

If so, when specifically did this occur? Where were the beaver burrows located that were poisoned?

What poison[s] were used? Please be specific and also list all ingredients including information as to how long each of the ingredients is active.
Did you retrieve the dead animals?
If so, where were they found?
And if not retrieved – why not?

2 - Did you spray or otherwise cause chemicals or poison[s] to be put on the levee?

If so, when specifically did this occur?
Exactly what areas were subjected to this process and how close did the process come to the river's edge?
Did you first take care to note if any water fowl were nesting in those areas?
What specifically was used? Please list all ingredients and also include information as to how long each of the ingredients is active.

3 - Why were the neighbors not notified in advance of any of these events?

Many of us allow our pets to walk on the levee and explore the grasses along the slopes.
Many of us water our plants and vegetables with river water.
Many of us in the neighborhood swim and kayak in the Columbia Channel and River or otherwise come in contact with the water, as do many who do not live here but are out on the river in boats.

Assuming you have all this information readily available I expect a most rapid reply and expect an answer within 10 working days.

I am posting this letter on my neighborhood blog [] and will post your reply as well. As others have shown interest when I spoke of this, copies of this letter will be forwarded to persons and agencies in addition to those noted below..

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D., J.D.
205 N. Bridgeton Road #5
Portland Oregon 97217

Cc: Peninsula #2 Drainage District Board of Supervisors Messrs. Schafer, Halsten, McBride

Tina Kotek, State Representative District 44

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