Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some ideas for a nomination process

I sent this to several people in the neighborhood for possible discussion tonight - as I may not make it to the meeting.

Nomination process

As only Chair and Vice Chair are to be elected in the Spring there is no need to have nominations for all slots at this time


Open nominations on Wednesday evening and accept those offered at that time for Chair and Vice Chair

Announce that nominations will be open until May meeting – interested neighbors can email or mail their names to a Board member.

At the March meeting – ALL candidates for chair and vice chair will be available to talk to the neighbors and discuss their ideas for the neighborhood...just like the current political debates

Elections will take place at the May meeting

Candidates should be encouraged to campaign for their going around and chatting with people in the neighborhood etc.

Could be fun and stir up interest from those not now active or who feel left out of the “insiders loop.’

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