Monday, January 07, 2008

Quiet Weeks

Life tends to be quiet here in the dark rainy days of December/January.

My dog, a New England native, loves cold and snow but he never liked wind or rain; so those especially windy rainy days turn him into a couch potato - and when he doesn't want to take a walk - I see no reason for me to be out there either : - ) therefore I have not been running into many dog walkers lately.

My cat, a Portland native, has only shown dislike of the "white stuff" and even then she figured out it could be walked on - so nothing keeps her inside - but she has been coming in early in the evening and is often pretty dry so I know she has been under the houses. I call that her subway system.

The Portland Boat Show is in full swing and I volunteered at the OWSA booth yesterday then looked around at inflatable kayaks and small sailing vessels. The show is at Expo thru the 13th and if you like all stuff water - it is fun.

And this week marks the start of my 5th year in Portland - yup I moved into this house late in the afternoon of the day before THE ice event of 2004! That was my intro to Bridgeton Road life - complete with non-accessible ramps...

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