Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2008

I wish you all a healthy peaceful new year.

Here are the dates for neighborhood and board meetings in 2008

General Neighborhood Meetings


January 16, 2008
March 19, 2008
May 21, 2008
September 17, 2008

All the above meetings are at 7 PM. at the School on Marine Drive and Bridgeton Road

Board Meetings


February 20, 2008
April 16, 2008
June 18, 2008
Oct. 15, 2008

Time[s] and place[s] for the board meetings are unknown at present.

Neighborhood Clean Up Dates


April 19, 2008
November 1, 2008

According to the By Laws, a new Chair and new Secretary are to be elected in the Spring. As the only meeting officially in the Spring is the May meeting - that should be the election.

Vice Chair and Treasurer are elected in the Fall - and seems that election was missed. The past Treasurer, Stan Hart, resigned and Chuck has taken over that position.

For those who think a change is needed in the neighborhood - please get out to meetings and get yourselves elected to the board.

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