Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shop locally

On the left are some ads for local and nearby businesses. We are a small community and we support each other. A great way to do that is by shopping at local businesses where the products are often more unique. And if not unique - the service is always friendlier.

Channel's Edge has adopted a family for Christmas and you can go to CE and find out what the family needs.

There are a few of us who market vitamins and supplements - I call us the Bridgeton Vitamin Club and you can join us - even if you don't live here. Contact Lynn [503-477-5550] for information. Food based vitamins and supplements, children's multivitamins, and preservative-free skin care products can make great gifts.

Tom at Postal Place can send your packages, Wayne can fix your boats, and Channel's Edge, Kabob Shack and Po'Shines Cafe-de-la-Soul can feed you.

Enjoy the holidays....

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