Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oregonian article

Today's Oregonian has an article about the Bridgeton tree issue. Read it for an overview and update:

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In my recollection of legal lingo there is a saying something like "a trial is the prime example of the failure of negotiation"....well that's what happened here. Only after a trial, and after the city's request that the two sides negotiate followed by the city's denial of the permit that the DD requested and requested that it happen AFTER negotiating - only then did the two sides sit and talk.

What a waste of tax payer monies. Not only is the BNA Board still looking for ways to raise money to pay off the legal fees, taxpayers paid for the court time and will also wind up paying for the cost of the DD attorney fees!

Maybe the next time an issue arises, the "powers that be" will not lie to the citizens but will try to communicate honestly and in good faith before taking unilateral action - and maybe the neighborhood association will start communicating to it's constituents openly and in a more timely manner.

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