Monday, December 17, 2007

Following up on yesterday's comment

There are some, maybe many, who are upset with what I wrote yesterday.

Let me explain more - I am a process person. Processes, laws, by-laws, Roberts Rules of Order and other procedural methods we use to reach decisions are important. After all - we are, supposedly, a nation of laws.

If you read my politikal blog, lynnsrants, you already know that I dislike that the current federal administration AND congress have forgotten who they represent - WE - the people. They have by-passed most laws and procedures and gone ahead and done what they want...and to hell with constituents.

It matters not if you like the end result - we are not a society that goes with "the end justifies the means" and I am sure that in other matters most of you would agree with me. The tree issue and other neighborhood issues also can not be defined by the ends justifying how those ends were reached!

Not everyone in the neighborhood was or is in favor of what the BNA Board decided to do about the trees just as there were those who were in favor of stopping tree cutting - but unfortunately no opinions were openly solicited before the board's [plus a few] decision was made [and made in secret.]

There are many in our neighborhood who might have had some expertise to offer - legal, financial, outside the neighborhood support, etc. All of this kind of input was ignored yet decisions were made that affect everyone. And now there is a need to fund raise to pay for a decision made by a small group - asking those left out of the process to now pay for the decisions that were made without their input.

That's what some in the neighborhood are unhappy with what is going on. They like their neighbors; they just don't like the way their neighbors make decisions by skipping the process that is in place to make these decisions.

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