Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bridgeton Neighborhood Association Minutes for May 21, 2008

The neighborhood debt has been greatly reduced! Matt announced that we are able to pay $13,500 on our debt. Matt thanked everyone for their support (esp. with the concert-silent auction). He noted that Cherry Ann Kolbenschlag will be missed on the board. She has put in many hours on committees and worked with Jim Miller to make the concert a great success. He also tried to go through the names on others who worked so hard on the concert.

Walter reported on the tree negotiations. It is almost over and things should be signed soon. Trees will get marked and cutting permits obtained for cutting to start in August. They will remove the trees and most of the roots with machinery-no chemicals. There are plans to widen the levee in several places (esp. near the school), to beautify around garbage bins, to add sidewalks and some plazas and to get power lines underground. It is an ambitious project. Walter is going to work to bring in funds and other contributions. We need at least three people to volunteer to be on an advisory committee to help allocate funding and contributions. Matt thanked Alise, Tom, and Walter for all of their hours of tiring work to get to this point.


The by laws were changed allowing 15 board members and 15 people were elected to the board. They are Richard Brown, Karen Jeffers, Julie McKinney, Ann Neuenschwander, Chrys Pappas, Dustin Pruitt, Debbie Robertson, Elizabeth Sanders, Leslie Sawyer, Brian Stipak, Kim Swenson, Lynda Taylor, Walter Valenta, Matt Whitney, and Chuck Wilson.

Officers were elected by the new board members present. They will be Leslie Sawyer as chair, Karen Jeffers as co-chair, Chuck Wilson as treasurer, and Richard Brown as secretary.

Developers from Trammell Crow Residential (Thomas A DiChiara and Sam Rodriguez) were present to talk to us about their plans to build a two hundred unit "up scale" rental complex on the land above the Blue Frog. They want a committee of local people to work with them. We need volunteers for that committee. Brian Stipak has already said he will be on this committee. We need more people from Bridgeton Road and from the MEWS and the other west side condo unit. If you are interested please let Brian or Leslie know.

We will be holding a general meeting on the 18th of June to discuss our joint and individual responses to the proposed I-5 bridge plans. This is very important and we need to be heard.

Everyone thanked to Matt Whitney for all of the hours he has put into being chairman of BNA for the last six years.

There were 20 members in attendance and 4 non-members.

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