Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Wicke's endless sale

Wicke's has been going "out of business" for so long now it's a joke. A neighbor went there to see what was for sale and said the store is full of furniture.

He was reminded that oregon law allows these bankruptcy or going out of business sales to be done by sell-off companies [liquidators] who can keep bringing other stuff to add to what was originally in the store.

I found this out when a sporting good store was going out of business and as I had bought a lot of good stuff there - I went to look. what I found was merchandise that had never been sold at the original store and knowing prices - I found the sales prices higher than what the item could be bought for elsewhere.

So beware these going out of business sales in Oregon. They can be rip offs if you do not know comparable prices...They remind me fondly of stores in New York that we called "going out of business" as it's name because that was the sign in the window for years and years - until NY changed its laws and disallowed that lie to persist.

The Wicke's "sale" will go on thru June - I think it started in March...

Remember - caveat emptor

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