Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Bridge is Coming! Pollution is Coming!

On Monday, the Oregonian had an article about the possible pollution runoff into the Columbia from the construction and ultimate urban sprawl that a new bridge could bring to the region.


I had always wondered why the task force, from what I understood, worked on the assumptions that driving habits would remain the same, as would gas prices and there would be no new businesses or housing added in the area.

In any place I have ever lived, new or wider roads or bigger bridges always resulted in more traffic, more businesses and more housing...So why did this task force assume Portland would be different than other cities? Beats me!

And of late, one need not even contemplate the reality of what a new bridge might bring - that reality is here already. Every buildable spot in the Bridgeton area is for sale! Many of those sale signs have gone up in the last few weeks...

So even if the new bridge is never built - the focus on this area and a possible bridge, has already resulted in the planing for more apartments, more disappearing green, more disappearing bird nesting areas along the slough, and ultimately more cement, more roofs and more dirty rain running off into the Columbia... some because there will be no "land" left to absorb the rain.

Build it and they will use it to sell it and move it to the area! © That's my new slogan for Bridgeton!

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