Monday, August 11, 2008

Minutes of Aug. 6 inclding tree update

These are the "draft" minutes - so if there are changes I'll post them later this week - but as they contain tree update [bolded] info - I wanted to post it now

Leslie began meeting at 7:04 PM. at Marriott Residences, a last minute change of venue from the planned site at Marriott Courtyard.

Walter provided a "tree" update. Drainage District #2, Corps of Engineers, and BNA have signed a "cut and re-plant" agreement. August 25 at 10 AM the cutting begins with the Columbia School trees at the east end of Bridgeton. All are invited to witness the procedure. Tree cutting and stump grinding are expected to proceed for 3-4 weeks. The 22 affected property owners have received a packet of information. Hardwood trees will go to re-use and other trees will be recycled in some fashion. Residents are warned to expect noise, traffic, and other impacts. Replanting will commence during the fall.

Trammell Crow (TC) and Portland Department of Transportation (PDOT) have held a series of meetings over the west end connector road and multi-use esplanade. PDOT was reported to be pushing the idea of connectivity via a through street. TC has offered concessions fostering an esplanade limited to emergency vehicle traffic. A Harbour Ct. resident questioned why BNA argues against Bridgeton as a through street while BNA is indifferent to Harbour Ct. as a through street.

TC reported that PDOT does not plan to include a traffic light at the intersection of the new street and Marine Dr. instead preferring lane widening and turn lanes.

TC presented new elevations from all sides that demonstrate considerable change from the earlier sketches. The softer lines reduce the "bulk" of the planned complex. With these design changes the two, 5-story buildings fronting the river appear to be four buildings with deep center setbacks.

Overall, the two largest buildings will be set back 25' from the south edge of the "flat" part at the top of the dike. As presented by TC, there will be a 4-story apartment section with 5th story penthouses. Materials include cedar lap or cedar shiplap panels along with stucco in multi colored hues. There is to be a 50' break between Brian's townhouse at the west end of Bridgeton and a 25' break heading east from the Mews. Further south will be three 3-story walk-ups. The final two, single-story buildings will front Marine Dr. and include the clubhouse and rental office.

ADA accessibility from Bridgeton via the esplanade to Marine Dr. is assured. ADA access to the path along the dike is to be provided via public elevator from the center of the planned project.

TC is preparing the formal application that will be ready in about a month. The formal application will result in a Type 2 Design Review process involving many city bureaus. The meetings with PDOT and BNA were designed to vet issues that are likely to come up in design review.

The members present seemed to come away with general appreciation of the re-designed apartments.

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