Thursday, November 20, 2008

Minutes November 19

Leslie opened the meeting at 7:00 PM at the school with 18 BNA members present.

Christmas Drive - Leslie suggested that BNA contribute to provide a better Xmas for a family. Toys, clothing, food will be collected to meet that goal. Please contact Kim at Channel’s Edge for more information.

Fall BNA Cleanup - was very successful filling two drop boxes with BNA refuse. This was the first time in ten years that three drop boxes were not filled.

Police - a flyer dropped off by Crime Prevention Coordinator La Shanda Hurst was distributed to those present titled North Portland Problem -Solving Resource Numbers. The extra copies will be available at the Channel’s Edge. Brian recounted the lack of response to a non-emergency call based on late night noise from non-residents parked on the levee. He offered that the next caller use the words “drinking inside a car” to elicit an actual police response. Getting the cell phone number of the Bridgeton police officer is considered a next step in re-building a working relationship.

Trammel Crow - Leslie offered Dec 3rd to invite TC to present changes to the plan for the apartment development. An announcement will follow.

Portland Drainage District #2 – board member elections will be held on Dec 4th. All BNA property owners will get a post card ballot in the mail. These cards will be collected and used by BNA representatives as proxy to vote on PDD#2 board members. Four of the five seats are up for election on the newly expanded board. BNA has two candidates running for seats on the board. Walter Valenta is running unopposed for seat #2 and Matt Whitney has thrown his hat into the ring for seat #4. Leslie will coordinate a door-to-door drive to collect all of the proxy votes.

Columbia River Crossing – CRC will hold an Open House on Dec 3rd at Expo Center. BNA residents are asked to please plan to attend this major presentation. CRC staff Carly Frances and Gavin Oein presented the September draft for review along with updates to their extensive June presentation. CRC involves 5 miles of I-5 in Oregon and Washington and covers 7 interchanges, adds light rail, in addition to replacing the bridge. Cost is estimated at $3.1 to 4.2 B and has backing of major government players from OR and WA along with 60% approval rating from general populace. Key issues to be resolved include: financing and tolls, Vanport wetlands mitigation, inclusion of a grade level pedestrian crossing at Pier 99, and the final design of the Marine Dr interchange.

Tree planting update – BNA is responsible for watering the already planted trees throughout the 2009 season. Walter recounted how Wieden-Kennedy and Associates chose Bridgeton as the site for a company project. W&K worked with Friends of Trees and planted 70 trees through-out the school yard last month. BNA supporters remarked on the hard work, enthusiasm, and efficiency of the W&K team. PPS facility managers chose the location of the chain link fence and re-located gate. Next steps will include adding a temporary gravel walkway through the gate. PPS has agreed that final improvements will include a paved walkway and stairway to the field. In the next year or two a sidewalk will be poured on the same alignment as existing sidewalk to the west and extended to at least the gate in the fence. The final phase for 2008 will be trees planted at Ann’s house. The tree planting project is funded and will continue through 2009 and 2010.

Bridgeton Trail – Walter informed us that the trail plan has proceeded through several phases. Completed phases include: conceptual design, survey, and appraisal. Currently PDC is engineering the design for a cost estimate and construction guidelines that can be of benefit to Trammel Crow and other construction partners. Due to the number of completed phases, the trail is included on a list of infrastructure improvements that are eligible for future federal construction dollars.

Next meetings:

Dec 3rd - Trammel Crow presentation at 7:00 PM.

Dec 3rd - CRC Open House held at Expo Center on Dec 3rd. You are asked to attend CRC Open House prior to the meeting with TC.

Dec 4th - PDD#2 election meeting will be held. You do not need to attend, just get your proxy votes to Leslie, Matt, or Walter.

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