Tuesday, November 04, 2008

An update and thank you from Pen2

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November 3, 2008

Leslie Sawyer, Chair
Bridgeton Neighborhood Association
Portland OR 97211

Dear Leslie,

Please accept this report as an update on the tree removal and planting plan approved by the stakeholder organizations earlier this year.  As you know, Wieden+Kennedy staff volunteered on October 30th to plant the first phase of seventy trees at the Columbia School site.  They were guided by a planting plan prepared by the neighborhood through landscape architect Bo Nevue.  Bo even staked the location of the trees to be planted.  Friends of Trees assisted the Wieden+Kennedy staff in organization and helped plant trees.  Jeff Moore of Urban Forest Professionals LLC volunteered his time and equipment to unload and place the trees near the designated planting site, and dug the planting holes where Bo had them staked.  The PEN 2 Drainage District bought the trees through R&M Plant Procurement who dug, bagged and delivered each to the site.

Prior to the staking of trees, the PEN 2 District had been able to backfill fifteen feet along the south edge of the levee to stabilize and enforce its width, and add an additional fifteen feet of soil to accommodate tree planting.  Originally, this project was not thought possible this year, but the bid was most competitive and the District was able to complete the work with the approval of the School District.  The effect in a couple of years will be to create the tree corridor effect that had to be removed.  The addition can also be used as a natural embankment for watching soccer games.

All trees have now been removed and the stumps ground-out, or taken out, per US Army Corps of Engineers standards.  The USACE has inspected the levee and will write a letter supporting levee certification to FEMA this week.  That should provide time for FEMA to compile the information and include it in the final Federal Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) due out September 2009.  The PEN 2 District will be protected by this action.

Congratulations to the Bridgeton Neighborhood for enduring this stressing process of both tree removal and added construction confusion on the levee.  The District looks forward to working with Bridgeton neighbors on the location of other trees to plant in each of the two years to come.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

Bob Eaton
Executive Director

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