Monday, October 22, 2007

Last week's neighborhood meeting

This post is taken from the notes of someone who attended.

There were some who were outspoken against BNA efforts, largely because they don't want to lose the ability to get flood insurance. [Note - see previous post about that issue - loss of insurance was among the bits of misinformation going around.]

Most of the meeting was around the question of "What can we do?"

Some felt a need to encourage writing to the Pen2 Board members asking:

1- Why are they relying so heavily on two consultants who have performed so poorly in this matter?

2- Why haven't they requested a variance from the ACOE, as only they can do?

3 - Why has there not been an effective meeting with BNA to come to a joint plan as was suggested by the City Forester.

Pen2 board members are Mike McBride, Dick Shafer and Rich Halsten. There has been no direct communication with any of this board during the current process. They are elected to represent all residents of Pen2 - and that includes the Bridgeton neighborhood.

Finally there was a discussion of how to work to get a Bridgeton resident elected to the Pen2 board.

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