Monday, October 01, 2007

Not the levee - but relevant

I'm cross posting this from another of my blogs as it is relevant...

We are expected to believe this government and it's entities when they tell us what their "science" is...well here is an op-ed piece about how this administration deals with "science."

Another in the long line of "my way " - even about science - you know the area we used to say the USA was good at.

Well apparently science is not good anymore if it conflicts with a corporate bottom line!!

From an op-ed in the L.A. Times ...
What science the Bush administration chooses to stifle or promote seems to be a matter of politics and economics. According to a recent story in the Washington Post, the multibillion-dollar baby formula industry pressured the Department of Health and Human Services to weaken a 2004 public-service campaign promoting breast-feeding -- and it worked, even though the science supported the other side.

Numerous studies suggest that breast milk protects infants from developing certain illnesses and that formula-feeding increases their health risks.

The ad campaign was designed to drive home that point. Now the health of millions of infants is at risk because mothers don't have the scientific knowledge the ads would have conveyed to make an informed choice between breast- or formula-feeding.
According to the Post, a recent report by an agency within the Health and Human Services Department makes the same point as the canceled ads but has also been downplayed by the government because of pressure from the formula industry.

Full article,1,5921620.story

As a Developmental Psychologist who advocates "real" science and breast feeding for optimal development in infants - this is sickening!

Don't children count anymore? Rhetorical question - of course they don't...they don't vote!

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