Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Slight update - sorry

The hearing started about 10:15 and was mostly about legalities, scope of the hearing, and opening arguments by both sides. At noon - the judge said time for a lunch break and the hearing was to continue at 1 PM.

What had happened by noon was that the first witness for the neighborhood was about half way through his testimony. So he had to finish and then be subjected to cross examination.

The heat was on in the courtroom but with the windows open making some of us feel headachy !

I was one of those and was among the many who left at the lunch break. We figured the hearing had little chance of finishing today unless things moved more quickly after the lunch break and I don't know how late Portland hearings can or do go on in the afternoon.

As soon as someone who stays gets back to me - I will post any updates.

Side note - even if you enjoy technical legal arguing - this was not enjoyable... and I am a legal junkie...

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