Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Come and visit

If you like trees, water and community activism - come to Bridgeton tomorrow evening at 5:30 as we show our support for sanity, tress, and our neighborhood. This precedes the 6:00 PM meeting with the Drainage District. The demonstration will take place outside the Columbia School [Marine and Bridgeton intersections]

Mayor Potter, Commissioners Saltizman, and Cogan and the entity of North Portland neighborhoods have joined in asking for a moratorium on our tree removal while the Corps looks further into research and analysis of levees.

What is the rush here? Who exactly is making the decision?

Those are my questions. i have been a researcher and we ask to see both sides of an issue - knowing that rushing to decision making often leads to poor decisions. Federal Government agencies are not known thees days for their scientific look at anything.

So let's take a calm and reason look at trees and levees- especially the situation in Bridgeton. We not only have trees on our levee - we have housing on the town side of the levee....The trees have been here for a long time. I read about the recent meeting in Sacramento where it was noted that denuding levees of trees may make it easier for the burrowing animals to do their thing... and thereby off a worse levee situation with tree removal.

No one has yet showed me facts about what happens on Bridgeton if we keep trees. It's gotten to be a one sided - they must be removed and soon not only because I said so - but because it will soon rain and that's inconvenient.

Iraq anyone?

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