Sunday, September 23, 2007

Legal matters

Legal scuttlebutt...I may be incorrect in some of the "facts" below as I got them not first hand....

After the injunction was ordered last week, the DD asked for a hearing to not only have the injunction dismissed, but they wanted the hearing now scheduled for the 28th to be expedited!

So a hearing was set for last Friday and guess what? The DD asked for it to be postponed as they were not ready!!!

So that hearing, on the dismissal of the injunction, will happen tomorrow - Monday - at 11:30 and I will be attending. Assuming the injunction stands, the hearing on the tree cutting itself will be Friday the 28th and I will attend that as well.

And a note for epicures - as the apple tree in my moorage was spared and tagged blue - I waited a few days to pick the now ripe apples and made a pie to take to a neighborhood gathering! YUM!!!!

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