Friday, September 07, 2007

Neighbors deomonstrate for trees

Last night, prior to the general meeting about the future of the trees, many neighbors demonstrated to show support for the trees, the levee, the neighborhood and our safety.

We are Portland's smallest neighborhood - so a turn out of this size was a good sign of community support.

Many more were at the meeting in the school......where the end decision[s] was a re - re assessment of the tagged trees.

Penn2 is supposed to be going down the street today with a geotech and arborist to reassess every tagged tree. They will categorize the trees as:

A-in compliance and can stay if trimmed, etc.
B-trees to be monitored
C-trees that have root structures that are not encroaching into the critical levee section at this time but might if growth continues
D-trees that need to be cut now

See the neighbors in action :-)

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