Thursday, September 20, 2007

Trees get stay of execution!

I know the headline sounds "cute" but it's how the neighborhood feels right now. The trees were on death row and a Multnomah County judge issued a TRO [temporary restraining order] pending a full hearing on September 28.. Unfortunately, the order came too late for several large trees by the Portland Yacht Club - which were cut down.

According to the neighborhood association:
A notarized affidavit by Dr. Donald Gray a Professor (Emeritus) of the University of Michigan and a noted expert in the science of the structural integrity of earthen levees examined the Bridgeton levee this week and provided the neighborhood with a affidavit indicating that the district's plan to cut the trees would be harmful to the Bridgeton levee.
A flyer with details of this development will be sent out soon.

More to be posted as the news comes in...

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