Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Birthdays, water and cold

We have a lot of January birthdays in our neighborhood it seems - mine included.

I wonder if it's an Aquarius/late Capricorn thing about being near water?

I have been a bit remiss on posting...but also the minutes of the previous meeting are not available yet and I'd rather wait for them than to piece together what some who were at the meeting have told me...[I could not make it to the January meeting]

And of course being as cold as it has been - not many of us are out there walking around...

Monday, January 21, 2008

Stay Warm

Friends from all other places I have lived are also freezing : - ) - we are warmer here than in D.C. and NYC....

I recall my last year in New England. It was 25 below on my outdoor thermometer and about 50 below with wind chill.

Sometimes tho it feels colder than that here on the river. I have put tarps over my plants as they have become too big to move inside and I have put duct tape on all places where a breeze seems to be entering my house. [Nothing like a cold breeze to let you know what needs re-sealing next summer. ] Youch!

Stay warm and toasty..

Think Spring!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Some ideas for a nomination process

I sent this to several people in the neighborhood for possible discussion tonight - as I may not make it to the meeting.

Nomination process

As only Chair and Vice Chair are to be elected in the Spring there is no need to have nominations for all slots at this time


Open nominations on Wednesday evening and accept those offered at that time for Chair and Vice Chair

Announce that nominations will be open until May meeting – interested neighbors can email or mail their names to a Board member.

At the March meeting – ALL candidates for chair and vice chair will be available to talk to the neighbors and discuss their ideas for the neighborhood...just like the current political debates

Elections will take place at the May meeting

Candidates should be encouraged to campaign for their going around and chatting with people in the neighborhood etc.

Could be fun and stir up interest from those not now active or who feel left out of the “insiders loop.’

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Neighborhood Meeting for January 17 - Board Nominations? !!

I was very surprised when I saw the meeting agenda in the boxes on the road and read that nominations for the BNA Board are happening this week.

If you are not on the "official" email list and had not picked up a flyer - this will come as a surprise to you too I guess.

In looking back thru the previously published minutes I can find no suggestion that this was to be on January's agenda - nominations have generally been in March/April or thereabouts.

If you are one of the readers who thinks the Board needs a new direction and more accountability - please go to this meeting and nominate yourself to be a Board member.

Meeting is on Wednesday January 17
7 PM at the Columbia School - Bridgeton and Marine Drive

Friday, January 11, 2008

It's an election year!

Last night Sam [McGarrity], Bob [Baldwin] and I went to the Multnomah County Democratic meeting as we are your locally elected Democratic precinct people.

The meeting was for the purpose of electing the new officers and the energy in the room was palpable! We got revved up and signed on to help out at an upcoming function and also to go out and chat with neighbors. So - you can expect to see us knocking on doors and chatting and trying to convince you it is important to register and to vote...

Our area has low voter registration and low voter turn out and we'd like to change that ... any one interested in helping us?

Monday, January 07, 2008

Quiet Weeks

Life tends to be quiet here in the dark rainy days of December/January.

My dog, a New England native, loves cold and snow but he never liked wind or rain; so those especially windy rainy days turn him into a couch potato - and when he doesn't want to take a walk - I see no reason for me to be out there either : - ) therefore I have not been running into many dog walkers lately.

My cat, a Portland native, has only shown dislike of the "white stuff" and even then she figured out it could be walked on - so nothing keeps her inside - but she has been coming in early in the evening and is often pretty dry so I know she has been under the houses. I call that her subway system.

The Portland Boat Show is in full swing and I volunteered at the OWSA booth yesterday then looked around at inflatable kayaks and small sailing vessels. The show is at Expo thru the 13th and if you like all stuff water - it is fun.

And this week marks the start of my 5th year in Portland - yup I moved into this house late in the afternoon of the day before THE ice event of 2004! That was my intro to Bridgeton Road life - complete with non-accessible ramps...