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Slough Events

Learn about the Columbia Slough at Slough 101!
Saturday March 12, 9:00am - 12:45pm
Do you live, work or play near the Columbia Slough? This FREE hands-on workshop will explore the unique character, challenges and opportunities of the Columbia Slough and its Watershed.  You’ll learn about soil & sediment in relation to water quality, how the Slough has changed over time, and what that means for fish, wildlife, people and businesses.  Open to everyone interested in learning more about the Columbia Slough Watershed, click here to learn more.

Explore Macroinvertebrates (water bugs) that live in the Slough.
Simulate and predict aquifer conditions with an interactive groundwater model.
Test water quality through dissolved oxygen, temperature, and PH levels.
Tour the water pollution control lab facility.
Questions? Contact Karen Carrillo at (503) 281-1132 or
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Learn How to Build Your Own Rain Garden at Rain Gardens 101!
Saturday March 26, 9:00am - 11:30am
Learn how to build your own rain garden! We’ll explore the critical role rain gardens can play in urban stream restoration, and how they add beautiful landscaping to your yard at the same time.
You will learn how to assess your site to determine the best location and sizecalculate impervious surfaces, determine soil suitability, choose appropriate plants, and how to maintain your new rain garden. You will also receive a comprehensive manual that guides you through all the steps in constructing your rain garden. The workshop includes a short tour of a nearby rain garden.
Questions? Contact Karen Carrillo at (503) 281-1132 or
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Join our Paddle Team!
Help Lead Trips at our Twilight Paddles, Slough School Paddles, and our Summer Festivals.
Each year the Columbia Slough Watershed Council hosts dozens of educational paddling events that expose adults and children to the wonders of the Columbia Slough. We’re seeking novice to advanced paddlers who would like to volunteer to assist with our paddling events. Orientation Part 1 will focus on the logistical aspects of this volunteer team. Orientation Part 2 on the following Saturday will include on-water skill building. Volunteers must attend each session, click here to learn more.

Orientation Part 1: Thursday April 07, 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Orientation Part 2: Saturday April 09, 9:00am - 1:00pm
Whitaker Ponds Nature Park
7040 NE 47th Ave.
Portland, OR 97218
Questions? Contact Hanna Davis at (503) 281-1132 or
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Now Hiring: Education Director
Closing Date: March 3rd 
The Council is seeking applicants for our Education Director position. The Education Director’s primary duties are to provide leadership, planning, coordination, and guidance for the education program, including K-12-Slough School and adult and family education programs and activities. Click here for full position description.
Closing Date:
Application materials must be received by 4pm on March 3, 2016.

Contact Executive Director at 503-281-1132 or
Regional Trail Update
Chimney Park to St. John Prairie with Future Connection to Kelly Pt. Park.
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Metro, in partnership with the City of Portland, will be designing and building a trail through Chimney Park in north Portland and a bike/pedestrian bridge over N. Columbia Blvd. to connect to the St. Johns Prairie (the former landfill). This trail will be part of the North Portland Greenway and 40-Mile Loop.
A future trail connection over the N. Slough to Kelley Pt. Park is in the early planning stages. This would include a new trail bridge over the N. Slough and restoration of the existing deteriorated trail to Kelley Pt. Park.
It is anticipated that the planning, engineering and design for the project will start this summer or early fall.  Construction date will be determined by the future permitting and engineering work.

For more information or questions contact or
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