Friday, November 20, 2015

Time For A Newsletter?

I have been toying with the idea of a newsy type of communication since I moved here, and it's time to start one and see how it goes.....

The newsletter is "unofficial" and not part of the Bridgeton Neighborhood Association.

There are infrequent general neighborhood meetings, and  NextDoor Bridgeton, of late has been populated by posts from city agencies and threads that people in other neighborhoods tend to latch onto and they go way off topic and there's also a policy about advertising what one does.

I think that something that is neighborly, more frequent, and allowed us to say what we do might work.

At this point, since it's just the beginning, let's see how it goes and how it works.

I hope that neighbors from all parts of the area will join - that means Marine Drive, the apartments and condos at the I-5 end, and all of Roth Estates.

If you have any interest in being involved in this put your name on the list for the newsletter by filling out the form below.

If I've set it up correctly you will get a response with a survey link and you can offer your own opinion about what may be in the newsletter and how much you're willing to help.

Where it says for pay, that means what you do for pay

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