Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do You Own a Small Business?

Then read this letter form Tina Kotek, our Stet Rep.

This legislative session has been a swirl of activity. Between testifying on bills, spending long hours studying the budget with colleagues and sitting in Ways and Means committee hearings, I am looking forward to spending time in North Portland for our in-district day this Friday, March 25th.

Small Businesses

Senator Chip Shields' office has taken the lead on hosting a reception for N/NE Portland's small businesses from 3-5pm this Friday that Rep. Lew Frederick and I will be attending. We will be there to hear concerns and share our legislative efforts in helping small businesses in the district. Light hors d'oeuvres will be provided, self-pay bar. All are welcome.

I hope to see you this Friday, March 25th at the Leisure Public House - 8002 N. Lombard Ave- from 3 to 5pm!

Patient Safety & Payment Reform

Three of my health care bills had hearings yesterday in the House Committee on Health Care. I am interested to hear what you think about these ideas.

Patient Safety- HB 2271 requires that hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers use evidence-based surgical checklist and prohibits hospitals from charging for "never events." "Never events" are preventable events that are so egregious that they should never happen, but if they do, no patient or a patient's insurance plan should have to pay for them. You can browse through a list of "never events" here.

Primary Care- HB 3246 requires health insurance companies to submit a five-year plan to the Oregon Health Authority that outlines how they will increase pay to primary care providers while decreasing payments to specialists. This is one way to make real investments in primary care, while ensuring that the we are not just continuing to pay for a lopsided health care system.

Payment Reform- HB 3559 requires a standardized way of figuring out how much inpatient and outpatient care costs. The bill would make hospital costs more transparent, an important step in controlling health care costs. The idea for this bill came from the Health Incentives and Outcomes Committee of the Oregon Health Policy Board, a stakeholders group that did extensive work over the interim.

The committee heard testimony for and against each of these bills, and now my office will try to get work sessions scheduled so we can continue to move them through the process. If you have any experiences you want to share related to the issues addressed by these bills, please let my office know!

In the News

Thanks to those of you who are following me on Facebook! I am working on more issues than I have detailed in this newsletter and often just have time to share what the media is saying about them on my Facebook page.

Here are two stories I wouldn't want you to miss:

* The Statesman-Journal shared how HB 2800, the Farm to School bill I am working on with Rep. Brian Clem (Salem) brings together kids, healthy foods and local farmers.

* OPB covered SB 778, my bill to combat predatory refund anticipation loans and checks, highlighting a North Portland resident who wants the sale of these products to stop.

As the session moves forward, I look forward to hearing your comments on these and other priorities - so please keep in touch!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Giant Yard Sale Coming!

Put this on your calendar!!

April 16th, from 10 to 4, Bridgeton Road will be a one mile stretch of "stuff" for sale!

Most everyone in the neighborhood is collecting goodies to put out for sale and we hope it stretches out for the full length of residential road.

I expect there will be art and nautical gear [including maybe some dinghies/outboards] as well as the usual household items.

Save up your money and spend the day "shopping" in the neighborhood!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

What is a perigee moon?

See one on March 19th!!

It's a supermoon and it is coming on the 19th.

It only happens to be this super about every 18-20 years.

So - here's hoping we have clear skies.

According to NASA it's best seen when the moon is near the horizon - and moonrise is at 7:58 PM.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

It's March! It's Time for a Meeting!

Date: March 14th at 7PM
Location: The Columbia School [intersection of Bridgeton and Marine Drive]


Neighborhood Clean up and Yard Sale

Who can help work the different stations?


Environmental Evaluation of the Sloughs/West Hayden Island

Bridgeton Neighborhood Updates

Neighborhood Night out plans

Form a committee to work on a neighborhood disaster response plan

Come on out - get involved in YOUR neighborhood