Saturday, July 28, 2007

Levees and Trees

California has a similar issue with the Army Corps of Engineers wanting to take down all trees on all levees.

Here is an article about their take on this:,content=280

My concerns runs along the line of "where is the scientific evidence?" I'd like evidence for both sides - tree removal and tree staying....

I have seen no real study of this levee and it's trees - and if you've read my other blog, lynnsrants,
you know I am not a great believer in the alleged planning on behalf of anything within this administration.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tree Meeting Update

The 6 P.M. board meeting scheduled for Thursday evening will be at the Columbia School
[Marine Drive and Bridgeton Road]

This from the Board:

The Board mtg will discuss the Bridgeton tree removal and develop our counter plan to save as many Bridgeton trees as possible. It is not a general meeting. We moved it to the school as we felt that we needed the extra room plus we have invited interested neighbors who have volunteered to help with the plan. This will be a serious work session. Please bring your ideas, creativity and enthusiasm. If you know of Bridgeton residents who might want to help please let them know of this mtg.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Board meeting about the trees

I heard there is a special board meeting about the trees - the meeting takes place this coming Thursday at 6PM at Channel's Edge.

All meetings are open to the public - so if you have an opinion or a questions about the trees - go to the meeting....

Update - the meeting may be at a larger place - check back Wednesday or Thursday for details.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Levees - post Katrina

After the devastation of Katrina and the broken levees in New Orleans, levees have been very carefully inspected.

That goes for Bridgeton Road - which IS a levee. And the weakest portion of the entire Portland levee system. [And where we in floating homes park our automobiles.]

On July 17th - we were alerted to the upcoming removal of trees on the levee. Root systems weaken the integrity and allow water to flow along the root systems during high water events.

I don't know if last Fall was a "real" high water event - but it sure was high enough for one tree to tip a bit more toward the power lines and homes. [That tree has now been removed.]

Several of the trees are marked for removal...they now have white paint dots or orange ribbons on them - some have both...These are the trees deemed to be in violation with Federal Levee Landscape Standards.

Removal of these trees is slated to begin in early August.

Thursday, July 12, 2007