Thursday, July 19, 2007

Levees - post Katrina

After the devastation of Katrina and the broken levees in New Orleans, levees have been very carefully inspected.

That goes for Bridgeton Road - which IS a levee. And the weakest portion of the entire Portland levee system. [And where we in floating homes park our automobiles.]

On July 17th - we were alerted to the upcoming removal of trees on the levee. Root systems weaken the integrity and allow water to flow along the root systems during high water events.

I don't know if last Fall was a "real" high water event - but it sure was high enough for one tree to tip a bit more toward the power lines and homes. [That tree has now been removed.]

Several of the trees are marked for removal...they now have white paint dots or orange ribbons on them - some have both...These are the trees deemed to be in violation with Federal Levee Landscape Standards.

Removal of these trees is slated to begin in early August.

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