Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flood Waiver Forum for Property Owners

A friendly reminder from BNA

Flood Zone Waiver Forum

Monday, July 16

7 PM @ Portland Yacht Club
1241 NE. Marine Dr. Portland, OR

General information session and open forum with a panel of flood zone experts

The BNA has arranged a general information session and open forum with a panel of experts to provide a more thorough understanding of how the FEMA flood zone changes impact Bridgeton property owners and to determine the best path for moving forward for affected property owners.

Christine Shirley - The State Flood Plain Administrator
Doug Morgan - City Flood Plain Specialist with the Bureaus of Environmental Services
Dave Hendricks - Executive Director | Penninsula 2 Drainage District
Representative from West Consulting

Our current understanding:

Because FEMA has changed the way it defines “the Floodway Line” on the Bridgeton levee, financial institutions holding mortgages for structures built on the levee are now requiring property owners to purchase flood insurance. These changes may lower property values and make it difficult to buy and sell structures built on the levee. 
  • Each property owner needs to submit completed FEMA LOMR-FW forms to FEMA.
  • Obtaining a waiver individually by each property owner can be complicated and expensive.
  • We greatly increase the odds of obtaining a waiver by working with experts to file a well organized, accurate, complete and consolidated waiver application.
  • The Bridgeton Neighborhood Association recommends working with the experts at West Consultants to streamline the application process.
  • West Consulting has a thorough understanding of the application process and information requirements. They have professional connections with FEMA, the Army Corp of Engineers and the Pen 2 Drainage District. West Consultants is the most cost effective consulting team
  • West Consultants can perform the surveys, collect, assemble and usher the forms through the FEMA process.
  • We can reduce out of pocket expenses for Bridgeton property owners by splitting the costs of conducting property measurement surveys.
We need to assess where we are in the process so we can create a cohesive and informed plan.

For Bridgeton property owners who choose to participate in the waiver program there are five components that need to be filed for each property owner:

1.       Copies of the encroachment permit approved by the Army Corp of Engineers
2.       Plat map for each property effected
3.       Elevation measurements showing the structure is above the floodway
4.       Signature of an authorized engineer
5.       Completed LOMR-FW form

If you have started this process please indicate at the meeting which documentation you may have so we may update our map database, and help determine which properties are moving forward with obtaining a waiver.

Please invite others in the neighborhood who own property with an even number Bridgeton Road address to help gather information and form a plan of action.

If you have questions or comments, please send an e-mail to:

Leslie Sawyer,

Dustin Pruitt
Co-Chairs, Bridgeton Neighborhood Association

Friday, July 06, 2012

July Meeting

July Meeting

7:00 PM - Monday, July 9

New Location: Columbia Commuity Bible Church

420 N. Marine Dr., Portland, OR

NOTE NEW LOCATION: We are meeting at the Columbia Community Bible Church because the school has closed and we are not able to hold meeitngs there. If anyone has any ideas of a good alternative meeting location, please contact us.

AGENDA for July 9 Meeting:

Stormwater Management Fee Discussion 

Every land owner and payer of city water and sewer bills in a drainage district should have received a notice of meetings. BES (the Portland Bureau of Environment and Sustainability) will discuss the proposed increases to residential and commercial property water and sewer bills. This meeting is your chance to express your opinions and to find out more about the proposed storm water management fee increases. We need to respond to this proposal.

Q&A with Local Police Officers

Other Issues

We will announce plans for a Special Flood Zone meeting on July 16th. This meeting will be for all owners of property on the Bridgeton Levee. Christine Shirley from the state of Oregon will be here to answer our questions on the 16th. Location to be announced!!!


If you have questions or comments, please send an e-mail to:

Leslie Sawyer,

Dustin Pruitt
Co-Chairs, Bridgeton Neighborhood Association