Thursday, October 29, 2009

Did you suffer damages from the speeding boats last week?


Kevin McAfee
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office

I am just coming off if my days off and dive training days and trying to sort through the emails that I have received regarding this case. I forwarded the information off to my Lieutenant and he did some follow up on the case while I was away. We think we know the boat involved in this incident, but we have yet to make contact with the owner. I am working on this today. Thank you for getting the word out. Since you have all the email addresses of those involved, can you send out another email? I would just like to hear from those people who received damages. I need the following information from them;

Date of Birth
Phone #
Brief description of damage
Estimate of cost for repair/replacement
This information would be of great help to me. I will let you know when I have solid information at far as the responsible party.
get your information to:

Kevin McAfee
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office
Willamette River Patrol Unit

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another car break in

Another car was broken into this morning around 6 AM. A rock was used to break a window and the alarm went off. As many were up already, neighbors went running to see what happened.

A Jazzercise bag is the only thing missing . All that was in it was exercise clothing so it will probably be tossed. If you see this cream colored lying around the neighborhood, please contact me and I'll get it back to the owner.

I personally do not leave anything in my car - learned that living in Washington, D.C. and hope Portland is not becoming another crime ridden city. There have been too many car break ins of late and with the economy still bad, it's likely to continue.

As one officer said a few years ago - our cars are ATM machines for these criminals.

Please report ALL suspicious looking activity to the police.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Recent Crime

Bridgeton is being hit by one or more people who are gaining entry to cars and taking things of value. The cars do not show signs of forced entry but are frequently left with doors ajar and things of value taken. This appears to be happening after dark and possibly early in the morning. The thief does not snatch things and run. He takes the time to get into trunks and leaves items he does not want. He also goes from car to car in an area.
There were break-ins on Tuesday night, Thursday night, and Saturday night. There might be more that no one has mentioned. If anyone who had had their car rifled through to report it to the non emergency number (503-823-3333).

We will never get police coverage if we do not let them know we need it.
In addition, one resident had cut up his old credit card and put the pieces into two separate garbage bags. He discarded them into a dumpster. Shortly after that, he was notified of a check being issued on his account from London. Be careful to shred all financial documents.

Take your documents to Channel's Edge during the fall clean up on November 7th.
And watch for unusual activity on the street - call 911 if you see anything amiss.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Cleanup

Bridgeton Neighborhood

Fall Clean up

Saturday November 7

Please use this opportunity to help clean up the neighborhood. Work parties will clean in the triangle at Gantenbein Ave and Marine Driveand along Bridgeton Road and Marine Drive.

Please no hazardous oil, gas, or paint.

There will be two drop boxes and a special location for recyclable metals and appliances.

Two shred boxes will be at Channel’s Edge for your convenience.

We hope to see everyone!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BNA Minutes form September 14th

14 Sep 09

BNA meeting at school w/18 in attendance

Leslie opened the meeting at 7:00 PM and introduced Adam Zucker and Bob Eaton from MCDD and Dick Shaffer from Pen #2. They presented detailed information and responded to questions from the attendees. Briefly, after the New Orleans flood, the Corp of Engineers rated levees around the nation beginning with the Columbia River. The Columbia River levee rated favorably between the Sandy and Willamette rivers.

Improvements are planned to improve the overall rating. An upcoming bond measure to pay for levee improvements was described. It uses current levee funding to pay off the bond so no increase is under consideration.

MCDD is working closely with CRC to coordinate levee issues with the overall bridge design. The annual meeting of Pen #2 is 3 Dec 09. Proxy votes are used to elect Pen #2 board members to represent the people living in the Pen #2 boundaries and to vote on any bond measure. Proxy cards need to be signed by the property owners and given to the representatives designated on the proxies prior to the annual meeting of Pen #2.

The CRC presentation by Peter Ovington was limited to the subject of bridge tolls. Tolls are a fact, says Mr. Ovington. While many in the audience disagree with the need for or length of tolls, there are really two toll questions. How high will the toll be? Where will the toll booth be located?

The variable by time of day toll range presented by Mr. Ovington was from $1 to $10 per trip. The tool booth may be located either before or after exit 308, Hayden Island. Toll will be collected by a radio transponder that reads a signal from each car that passes. Transponder-less cars will be photographed and a bill sent to the vehicle owner.

Mr. Ovington informed attendees that portions of the community favor tolling the existing I-5 bridge ASAP. Tolling the Glen Jackson I-205 bridge ASAP is also considered highly desirable.

The ODOT CRC engineer will be back to present at the November BNA general meeting.

Fall cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, November 7th.