Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another car break in

Another car was broken into this morning around 6 AM. A rock was used to break a window and the alarm went off. As many were up already, neighbors went running to see what happened.

A Jazzercise bag is the only thing missing . All that was in it was exercise clothing so it will probably be tossed. If you see this cream colored lying around the neighborhood, please contact me and I'll get it back to the owner.

I personally do not leave anything in my car - learned that living in Washington, D.C. and hope Portland is not becoming another crime ridden city. There have been too many car break ins of late and with the economy still bad, it's likely to continue.

As one officer said a few years ago - our cars are ATM machines for these criminals.

Please report ALL suspicious looking activity to the police.

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