Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Ships

December crept up on me :) and well.......

We have two more Christmas Ship sightings in our harbor - Friday Dec. 14 and again on the 21st..

[the one on the 7th escaped me]

7 PM [ish]  - find a place to watch them go by and enjoy

or see them elsewhere:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

West Hayden Island [WHI] Annexation

TONIGHT!! November 27

You have seen in the news that Mayor Adams has made it his mission to get City Council approval of annexation of WHI to allow for Port development before the current Council ends.  While there is discussion on the merits of development, there is general agreement that this rush to rule and disregard for the process and the parties involved is wrong.
The Audubon Society has requested that you speak out at the hearing tonight in opposition to development and opposition to the process.  This hearing may decide the future of North Portland and we are grateful for the position made by the North Portland Chairs Network and any position you as individual chairs or Neighborhood Associations can take.

Information about the hearing

Audubon advice and suggestions on testimony and emails to officials

This project will have irreparable damage to our environment our community, has been proven by the studies conducted to be economically nonviable and destructive to the community health and violates our principals of openness and fairness in governing.  Please voice your position at this critical time.

Best wishes,

Ron Schmidt
Chair HINooN
Hayden Island Neighborhood Network
2209 N Schofield - Office
1983 N Jantzen Avenue - Home
Portland OR  97217
503-539-6817 Cell/Text
503-895-9127 Home

For those who do not know what it looks like - here is a post from when I kayaked around the island
[click on kayaked]


Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Columbia Slough Activities

Columbia Slough Watershed Council
Our mission: "to foster action to protect, enhance, restore and revitalize the Slough and its watershed."

Good afternoon, Slough-per Heroes! We have plenty of events happening in November, including Brew on the Slough tomorrow! Brew on the Slough is a special event hosted at 4th Street Brewing Company, where you can learn more about the Columbia Slough Watershed Council, all while enjoying refreshemnts with people who car about the Watershed!

As always, we are looking for volunteers to join us on our Stewardship Saturdays twice a month. For more information on volunteering with us - please conatct Nathan Barrett: or visit our website site at

Brew on the Slough 
When: Thursday, November 8th, 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
Where: 4th Street Brewing Co., Ale Room
77 NE 4th Street, Gresham, Oregon, 97030

Curious about the Columbia Slough waterway and what its Watershed Council does? Take a virtual tour and learn about Council activities at Brew on the Slough. This relaxed evening is a fun opportunity to introduce yourself to the Slough, the Council, and all the Council's work protecting the Slough. Light refreshments and drinks provided: 21+ please. $5 suggested donation. Space is limited, so sign up soon! More info here..

Clean up and Planting at Wilkes Creek Natural Area
When: Saturday, November 10th, 9:00 AM - 12:00PM
Where: Wilkes Creek Natural Area, NE 154th and Fremont St
Portland, OR 97230

Join the Columbia Slough Watershed Council, the Wilkes community, and volunteers to clean up and plant the beautiful, two-acre Wilkes Creek Natural Area. The Watershed Council, SOLV and the Wilkes community have been restoring this site since 2003, removing weeds and litter and planting hundreds of native plants. The Columbia Slough Watershed Council will be working with the Wilkes community in the coming years to ensure that this natural area continues to thrive with community stewardship activities. We will be planting six different species, including: Snowberry, Twinberry, Dogwood, and Ninbark. Please join us!

Tools, gloves, and snacks will be provided, but come prepared for all weather conditions. 

Live Staake Planting at Conifer Parks
When: Saturday, November 17th, 9:00 AM - 12:00PM
Where: Conifer Parks, 143 Southeast 205th Place, Gresham, OR 97030
This site represents more than four acres of ongoing habitat restoration efforts. Restoration began in 2010 with a small section of stream-side property; turf and weeds were removed and replaced with several hundred native plants, forming a thin but beautiful riparian buffer along the Conifer Park Home Owners Association walking path. On November 17th, we will be planting the treated areas - live stakes of cottonwood, willows, and red osier dogwood. This will be one our biggest plantings to date where we hope to plant several thousand plants over the next few months. Come on out and help protect and revitalize our watershed!
Tools, gloves, and snacks will be provided, but come prepared for all weather conditions. 

 Education Outreach Stewardship  |  503.281.1132

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

BEWARE: Spraying has begun [edited; re-edited]

We were supposed to get a few days notice via those little flags - but the levee spraying started today with NO notice at all.....

I don't care how safe they say the "stuff" is - I will keep my cats in for a few days and I suggest you keep your dogs away from this as well...

Safety first!!

Amended at about 1PM - apparently they were not to start and have been ordered to stop...and we allegedly will get our 48 notice for the potential Nov 12th spraying...but this shows we need to be alert!!

I'll keep this updated if things change again...

More FYI: The spraying went to the Western edge of Captain's Moorage...please be careful where your pets step...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Meeting

Bridgeton Neighborhood Association

7:00 PM - Monday, October 22

New Location: Portland Yacht Club

1241 NE Marine Drive

NOTE OUR NEW LOCATION: The Portland Yacht Club is graciously allowing the BNA to use the club for our monthly meetings.

AGENDA for October 22nd Meeting:

  • FEMA Flood Zone LOMR-RW Process Update | Dustin Pruitt
  • Columbia River Crossing & Neighbor Initiatives | Walter Valenta
  • USPS - Postal Issues |
  • Fall Neighborhood Clean-up Discussion
  • Remove & Replace Dead Trees in the School Yard Discussion

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Levee Vegetation Cutting & Herbicide Treatment Schedule

Peninsula Drainage District #2 has contracted with C&R Reforestation to cut and treat the riverward slope vegetation on the Bridgeton Levee. The contractor’s crew will cut the levee vegetation October 17th -19th 2012.

The contractor will return on or around (depending on weather conditions) November 12th 2011, to apply an herbicide (Garlon 3A) to help control the growth of invasive weeds on the levee.

Peninsula Drainage District No.2 will post notification signs 48 hours prior to the herbicide application. Signs will be removed 48 hours after the herbicide application has been completed.

Garlon 3A is an herbicide registered by EPA (registration # 62719-37) to be used adjacent to waterways. If you would like to view the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and the Label for this product you can email Leslie Sawyer or call 503.314.2137.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact MCDD Pen #2 at 503.281.5675, Josh McNamee ext. 310, or Byron Woltersdorf ext 308, Check the The Peninsula Drainage District #2 web site for more information.

Friday, September 14, 2012

September 17th - Bridgeton Neighborhood Association Meeting

September Meeting

7:00 PM - Monday, September 17

New Location: Portland Yacht Club

1241 NE Marine Drive

NOTE OUR NEW LOCATION: The Portland Yacht Club is graciously allowing the BNA to use the club for our monthly meetings.

AGENDA for September 17th Meeting:

  • FEMA Flood Zone LOMR-RW Process Update | Karen Kane
  • Storm Water/Sewer Rate Update | Walter Valenta
  • Levee Vegetation Symposium | Walter Valenta
  • Trimet Route Changes | Dustin Pruitt
  • Noise Issues | Dustin Pruitt
If you have questions or comments, please send an e-mail to:

Dustin Pruitt
Co-Chair, Bridgeton Neighborhood Association

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

PDX Deicing Tour

Are you curious about how Portland International Airport handles
deicing operations in the winter?
Have you driven by our new facility on NE 33rd Ave.
and wondered what exactly happens there?
As we head into the fall and winter months, we are opening our doors to the public and other interested parties to learn more about our new deicing treatment facility. The Port of Portland designed the enhanced system in partnership with air carriers and regulatory agencies to better protect water quality in the Columbia Slough. The on-site anaerobic treatment facility is one of only three of its kind in the nation. For an inside look, join us for a facility tour.
Join us for a facility tour
Tuesday, Sept. 18
5 - 7 p.m.
We'll provide guided tours every half hour.
This is a public event. Please feel free to forward this invite
along to others in your network.
Portland International Airport
Deicing Treatment Facility
10150 NE 33rd Dr.
Portland, OR 97211
Yes, I will attend.Sorry, I will not be there.
Related Links:Directions/Map
PDX Deicing
Lisa Timmerman, Environmental Outreach Manager, 503.415.6047

September Update From Rep. Kotek

New Headshot Header
Quick Links
Find me on Facebook

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I hope you had a wonderful summer. September is my favorite month of the year because I have fond childhood memories of going back to school, full of excitement about the possibilities of the school year ahead. I hope every young person in Oregon is similarly excited. I want to thank every teacher and school employee who will strive to make this school year a success, in spite of the budget challenges facing our schools. And I want to thank all the parents who will sacrifice for their children so they can have a better future. Thank you!

This issue of my e-newsletter discusses new resources for homeowners facing foreclosure and for small businesses looking to get started or expand. There's also a brief update on the latest financial forecast for the state. Last but not least, I hope you'll take a few minutes to complete a short survey. As preparation for next year's legislative session begins, I would like to hear about your priorities for our community and the state.

Help for Distressed Homeowners

In July, I joined with my Portland-area colleagues to host a town hall to explain the new foreclosure protections provided by Senate Bill 1552, which was passed earlier this year. If you or someone you know is in foreclosure (or worried about defaulting on a mortgage), please seek out help. There are new resources to help you navigate the process, know your rights, and possibly stay in your home. The following links are a good place to start:

Please contact my office if you need additional assistance. My district number is 503-286-0558 and my email is

One Stop Shop for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Small business owners and entrepreneurs now have the resources they need at an online "one stop shop," thanks to legislation I co-sponsored last year. The successful bill called for the creation of a business internet site to streamline information to assist small business owners as they work to launch, grow and hire. Thanks to this central hub, business owners can spend less time on red tape and more time on moving the economy forward.

Business Xpress includes information on permitting requirements, services and resources for a number of business filings, as well as tax, business assistance, promotion and regulatory programs. The portal also helps business owners obtain information on hiring, training, exporting goods, and contracting with public agencies.

State Financial Update

Last week, the state's economist released the latest revenue forecast - a report on the projected amount of money the state will have available for essential services. The report showed that anticipated tax revenues for this biennium are up $80.6 million over the previous forecast, with both personal and corporate income tax receipts increasing. However, the anticipated increase in revenue for the 2013-15 biennium will be $318 million less than what was previously predicted. What does this mean? It means the current two-year budget remains balanced and that Oregon's economy has stabilized, although we are not out of the woods yet. This report helps us be cautiously optimistic for the future as the economy continues a slow recovery.

But a lot of folks are still struggling. We need to continue to prioritize job creation and education so that Oregon will be poised to thrive as the global economy fully recovers. Education at all levels will play an increasing role in the economic vitality of our state. That is why we need a renewed effort to invest in education, from pre-K through advanced college degrees.

What Are Your Priorities?

A key to responsive decision-making is understanding people's priorities. Please take a few minutes to complete a quick survey to help me understand your priorities. Thank you!

Please take the survey by clicking here.

As always, it's a pleasure to represent you. I hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,
 Tina's Signature
Rep. Tina Kotek
House District 44
House Democratic Leader

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Let's Party on the Block This Saturday

Time to party!

It's the 5th Annual Bridgeton Neighborhood/Roth Estates Block Party

Saturday, August 18 | 3 pm - 8 pm

Where – The green space at the end of 4th avenue

We provide – Music, fun, hamburgers, hotdogs, condiments, water and ice

You Bring – Your family & friends, your own party to the party, blankets or chairs to sit on, sides to share.

Join us and give a big shout out thank you to Roth Estates, Bridgeton Association and Channel’s Edge for their contributions.

See you there!

If you have questions or comments, please send an e-mail to:

Leslie Sawyer,

Dustin Pruitt
Co-Chairs, Bridgeton Neighborhood Association

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Seaport Celebration

Seaport Celebration

August 18th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Port of Portland’s Terminal 4. 

You'll enjoy live music and entertainment, interactive displays and demonstrations, face painting, a photo booth with costumes, free giveaways and prizes, carts selling international foods and much more!  

Participants can try their hand at welding or grind their own wheat using a bike.  

Where else can you get on the water for a $10 Portland Spirit cruise that will visit Oregon’s only international container facility?

Seaport Celebration
August 18, 2012
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Port of Portland Terminal 4, 11040 N Lombard, Portland







Tuesday, August 07, 2012

News About Noise From PIR

Late-night Drag Races—Hours Extended until Midnight!

Starting immediately, PIR has extended the late-night Drag Races until midnight—these races are each Friday and Saturday night. In 2011, City Commissioner Nick Fish agreed to cease all PIR racing after 10 pm to comply with city park noise ordinances. 

The Kenton Neighborhood Association [KNA] is in the process of learning about this change. 

Mark Wigginton, PIR Manager will answer questions on the changes at the upcoming KNA Board Meeting, August 8th, 7:00 PM, Kenton Historic Firehouse, public is welcome to attend. 

This impacts on us too as we hear that noise in this neighborhood! 

Try to attend the Kenton meeting and if the noise bothers you.....:

To make a noise complaint call Noise Hotline: 503-823-7350 ext 6.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Late Breaking Info! Free Health Care 8/4/12

Compassion North Portland
Saturday, August 4th
8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Roosevelt High School
Tomorrow, August 4, at Roosevelt High School, there is a free medical, dental, and optical care clinic called Compassion North Portland. Services are open to all but we especially want to serve those with little or no health insurance.

If you or someone you know needs:
  • a sports physical, a foot care exam, or an immunization  
  • a dental exam, cleaning, or extraction -- or a simple denture repair  
  • an eye exam or glasses adjustment
then come to Roosevelt between 8.30 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. Note: appointment slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, so the earlier you come the better your chance of being seen. 
Also provided for those receiving healthcare services are a free lunch and free child care. 

All are welcome to come for the Social Service Fair, an opportunity to meet local medical, financial, legal and other service providers. Free haircuts will also be available in the Fair. 
Compassion North Portland is being offered by a collaboration of churches in North Portland, in partnership with Roosevelt High School and many businesses, nonprofits, and individuals in our area. Our goal is simply to serve our community, and we recognize that healthcare is one of the greatest needs today. Compassion North Portland is one way to try to address those needs. Over 300 of your friends and neighbors will be volunteering to make this a great experience for you. 

See you there!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

August Slough Activites

The lazy days of August are upon us, which means it's time to relax by the Slough!  Join us this month for some enjoyable excursions:

Bat Night

Bat released from a cardboard boxFriday, August 3, 7:30-9:30pm
Whitaker Ponds, 7040 NE 47th Ave
It's batty that we still have spots availableSign up now to bring your family with kids aged 5+ for a nighttime hike all about bats.  We'll search for these flying mammals with a handheld bat detector. $5 suggested donation.

Nadaka Community Festival

Hot dogs at a nature parkSaturday, August 11, 9am - 3pm
Nadaka Nature Park
, NE 174th & Glisan

Celebrate new parks in Gresham with this community festival at Nadaka Nature Park!  Help pull weeds from 9am - noon, then enjoy hot dogs, live music, kid's activities, and community information from noon to 3pm.  The Council will be hosting a table at this fun event.

Subs on the Slough

Tasty lunch and groundwater infoFriday, August 17, 11:30am - 1pm
Columbia Slough Trailhead, 16650 NE Airport Way

Join the Portland Water Bureau and the Columbia Slough Watershed Council for a free lunchtime tour. Learn about protecting Portland’s underground drinking water source in the Columbia Slough Watershed, and view the solar array that helps off-set the Portland Water Bureau's energy needs. Lunch is provided at picnic tables along the scenic Columbia Slough trail. Advanced registration required; suitable for adults and children 10 & up.

Bring Your Own Boat Paddle

Evening paddle tripWednesday, August 22, 5:30-7:30pm
Simpson Launch, 11198 NE Simpson

Have you been out to the "secret" launch on NE Simpson yet?  Bring your canoe or kayak to join this group paddle exploring the mysterious nooks and crannies in the Upper Slough. 
RSVPs requested; $5 suggested donation.  No equipment is available to borrow.

Regatta Recap

Father and daughter at the RegattaThank you to all 477 people who came out to the St Johns Launch last Sunday for the Council's 18th annual Columbia Slough Regatta!  Over 210 boats launched with festive balloons attached, and families enjoyed the free t-shirts, free snacks, lemonade, and community information.  Congratulations to Carol H, our raffle winner who went home with over $470 worth of prizes!

If you'd like to see photos from the event, check out the Council's Facebook page.  You might even see yourself out on the water!