Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Clean Up

Coming Soon!!!!

Saturday October 25

Please use this opportunity to help clean up the neighborhood.

Work parties will clean in the triangle at Gantenbein Ave and Marine Drive and along Bridgeton Road and Marine Drive.

NO hazardous oil, gas, or paint.

There will be three drop boxes and a special location for recyclable metals and appliances.

Two shred boxes will be at Channel’s Edge for your convenience.

We hope to see everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tonight's Meeting Canceled

The meeting previously scheduled for tonight is canceled.

The next neighborhood meeting is Nov. 19th at the Columbia School.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Are you registered to vote?

The deadline in Oregon is October 14th.

Often I hear things like: "I don't do politics." or "Both parties are the same so why vote."

Or from some - I vote and that's it...not interested in the rest of it.

My take on politics is that it is everything you do.....

If you have a job - you "do" politics

If you are a union member - you "do" politics

If you ever call your elected officials abut something - you are "doing" politics

If you shop you are engaging in politics


So - why not register and if registered - why not vote?

Politicians know who votes and who does's a public record....

And this area of Bridgeton and Hayden Island have poor voting records....

Yet in the last year or so I know that many here and on the Island had "issues" to deal with in their neighborhoods. Here the issue was tackled by neighbors and only after a long period of time did anyone start calling local and state politicians...

And so we wound up "doing" politics - but a bit too late in that discussion.

Maybe this year Bridgeton can have a high ballot return to thank the politicians who tried to help?

They would notice - believe me - they would notice!