Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Support your local businesses

I had a bad tire and so went to the "big name" business as they had been rotating my tires since I moved here.....

Was told the tire was not usable, and I saw that... and so the spare went on..

Then I was told I needed not just 4 new tires, but 4 new rims since they were all pitted from the salt, sand and whatever they put on the roads in Vermont....

Asking if the rims could be cleaned, I was told no - they are aluminum and need to be replaced.
The total tab for 4 rims and 4 tires? About $1,000!!!!

With an older car that was not about to happen....

While muttering about this to a neighbor, he said go to Double J Tire Center on MLK - so I called them.
Good used tire? $20...rim? FREE!

When I got to Double J they looked at my old rim and asked why I was told it could not be cleaned...I had no idea - but I do now - the big named business wanted to upsell me not help me.

The old rim was cleaned, the used tire put on and they will clean the other 3 rims and check those tires.

So - if you need tire repair - go to Double J and support the neighborhood businesses and avoid the "big named" places.

Besides - they were so much friendlier....

Double J Tire Center
6841 MLK, Jr., Blvd 503-283-9437


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nhlulu said...

Not that I live anywhere near you, except in the "potentially ripped off" neighbourhood. Alternator for your automobile?? Cost, oh, around $200.00 plus the deposit for the "core" and then comes the labour!! Guess what? If you go to your local small electrics shop and have them refurbish your alternator the cost will be around $65.00, complete. They will put in new brushed, bearings, and clean the unit up. Then, you can replace it in your auto and be on your way just like new.

Of course, people with money to throw away don't care, but those of us who don't have "disposable" income need to know this stuff. Besides, it's better spent from my pocket than from some corporate coffers. Personal opinion.