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Minutes of meeting of June 25

Bridgeton N. A. Meeting Minutes
25 June 2008

Bridgeton Neighborhood Association
Special meeting: Alexan Columbia Waterfront
Presenter: Sam Rodriguez of Trammell Crow Residential
30 neighborhood attendees

The vacant land along the levee adjacent to Bridgeton townhouses, Blue Frog Marina, and the Muse is a 6.7-acre site that is being designed to accommodate approximately 250 apartments, wetlands, parking, and a bike/pedestrian path. It is zoned CM.

There is a no-build zone along the north boundary of the project.

Drainage District #1 surveyed a 25’ strip, measured south from the north edge of the levee, which is set aside to accommodate the bike / pedestrian path. No fencing will separate the levee path from Alexan.

There is an environmental zone on the south side of the project that contains wetlands. The west and east ends of the project will protect access to and from the levee. An additional levee access point in the center of the project was described as suitable for handicapped access.

The project will be built to attain a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED Gold rating. Apartment units are 750 SF 1-bedroom and 925 SF 2-bedroom. Rents are proposed at $1.40 / SF.

Two options were presented. Both options provide an additional connection from Harbor Dr. to Marine Dr. with a turn lane onto Harbor from Marine Dr. Note: The Muse is 65’ above the levee while the maximum height for the Alexan project is 55’ above the levee.

Option #1 contains a public road while option #2 offers a private road. Option #1: 250 apartment units in nine buildings, 200 parking spaces, 5-story total height with four stories above the levee, 52’ wide public right of way connecting from Harbor Dr. to Bridgeton Rd. The Bridgeton connection will employ a turn around and bollards to contain vehicle traffic in the apartment development. Emergency access from Bridgeton is allowed.

Option #2: 250 apartment units in six buildings, 270 parking spaces, 6-story total height with five stories above the levee, 52’ wide private street connecting Harbor Dr. to a more narrow access to Bridgeton Rd. that is limited by bollards to non-vehicle traffic. This option assures a pocket park on the east end of the project. Emergency access from Bridgeton is allowed.

Bike / pedestrian path construction will be paid for from sources including; Trammell Crow, PDC, Parks, CRC, L.I.D, Metro Greenspace.

Rich Brown Leslie Sawyer Sam Rodriguez

360-921-5501 503-314-2137 503-517-2792

BNA Secretary BNA, President Trammell Crow

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