Monday, April 05, 2010

Floating Home Residents and the Census

I found out quite by chance that residents in floating homes were not mailed a census form. We are supposedly being counted one by one by the census takers.

BUT - they have been to my moorage twice and yet did not get my information - so I am not too sure how they are doing this.

I hear they have been seen on Bridgeton I assume they are around - just not in any pattern I can figure.

I called the Office of the local Commissioner in charge and they had no idea floating homes were not on the mailing list!
So whose idea this was is unknown.

Not trusting to a chance encounter with the census takers after 2 misses [and I was home] - I got a census form at the Library and mailed it in.

It is important to be counted as each of us is worth over $1000 to Oregon in Federal monies.

If you have not yet been counted - please get a form and mail it in.

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