Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Protect Portland's Trees

We lost our trees and are paying for it with no shade and hotter homes during these heat waves - please help the rest of Portland save theirs.......

TreeMail | News from Friends of Trees

Portland’s oldest trees need protection. 

On August 4th, The Urban Forestry Commission will be taking public comments about how the city’s tree code allows for the removal of large, healthy trees in Portland. 

If you are unable to attend this urban foresting meeting, please email city officials (addresses below). Trees are something we're all passionate about, but comments should be respectful, thoughtful and we ask that you identify yourselves as Friends of Trees supporters. 

Friends of Trees is joinging with our allies at The Audubon Society of Portland in  urging the Commission and the City Council to strengthen the existing tree code in these areas -
  • Tree replacement should fully compensate of loss environmental values: The City can help discourage removal of large healthy trees by requiring that their full environmental function and value be replace.
  • Increase tree replanting requirements: Increase the number of trees required to be planted when trees are cut.
  • City agencies should meet a higher standard: The City of Portland should lead by example. City-owned trees or street trees removed for public improvement projects should meet a higher standard of tree replacement and planting. 
  • New solutions for Street Trees. We need “street improvements” that don’t put health trees in the cross-hairs.
  • Increase regulations and incentives to preserve large healthy trees. Establish new standards and permit approval criteria to preserve very large healthy trees. Waive lot line set backs and/or parking requirements to preserve trees.
For more information and for details on the Urban Forestry Commission hearing please visit the Audubon Society of Portland's website.   

Email - 
Commissioner Dan Saltzman,
Commissioner Amanda Fritz,

Friends of Trees


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